Sometimes, art is doing something simply because we know it will be beautiful.
With the combination of water, lighting and dancer Ariadna’s talent, TANG’O offers the viewer an innovative take on underwater videography and art in general.
In my eyes, beauty and joy are related. This is why we choose such powerful, dynamic and lively music and choreography.
During these 3 minutes, I would like the viewer to be transported far away from daily routine, into a mesmerizing dreamlike world.
The dancer and cameraman freedived 120 times to complete filming.
Directed, filmed and produced by - Bastien Soleil
Dancer & Choreographer - Ariadna Hafez Navarro

Original music - APPART
Tanghost extract from Hyper Tango album
P&C Anthony Rouchier2016
DOP / 2nd Cameraman - Mathieu Pradinaud
Editor & Colorist - Jeremy Lauvige
Safety and Lighting - Giovanni Boaretto
Safety - Marco Mardollo / Marco Mancini/ Giancarlo d'Adamo 
Supported by
Y-40 - ITALY
Sony A7rIII
Lens Sony G 16/35 f2.8
Housing Nauticam Housing

Copyright 2020 Bastien Soleil All rights reserved

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